Less Hands on Deck!

— How SafeDose Eases Staffing Woes —

Since the pandemic’s start, US healthcare employment is down by almost 200,000 workers (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [link: https://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm]) And Mercer tells us, by 2025, we could be looking at a shortage of approximately 446,000 home health aides, 95,000 nursing assistants, and 29,000 nurse practitioners.

Meanwhile, the population of 65 and over Americans is on the rise. This means, of course, that despite staff shortages, we’ll soon need even more care. Bottom line: facilities everywhere are having to do with less.

In this environment, facilities are finding that working with SafeDose Pharmacy helps. SafeDose handles several tasks that caregivers are typically responsible for. This frees them to focus more on their person-to-person caregiving interactions. And it means facilities can cope with less staff.

Here are 3 of the ways SafeDose helps:

We sort, check, and document each medication. SafeDose employs the latest technology. And we use rigorous quality controls in a 6-step process. A pharmacist verifies each script, and our techs package a month’s worth in sequential order. Our “InspectRx” scans and weighs each pill, flagging any which need review. A pharmacist reviews each and makes corrections as needed. Then a shipping tech compares all medications to the original order before sending. Dosing events arrive individually packaged, sorted in sequential order, and in a compliance strip. This comprehensive process often eliminates the need for staff on the facility end to check and combine medications.

We handle prior authorizations and refills. Tracking down these authorizations is another area of burdensome work which staff faces. Facility staff must juggle the annual timelines of dozens of patients. Then chase doctor’s offices to make sure individuals have consistent access to their meds. Not to mention constant refills for meds. SafeDose handles every part of this for you. Our team keeps meds filled and starts all prior authorizations needed. This frees staff to concentrate on individuals, not paperwork, faxes, and phone calls.

We safeguard and streamline med passing with eMARs. Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMARs) are becoming the industry standard. And SafeDose has been working with dozens of them for years. We have the experience to make recommendations on the best fit for your facility. The use of an effective eMAR eliminates redundant processes and paperwork. They reduce errors and time spent by staff and cut down on instances of non-compliance. That all means individuals receive better care, and caregivers have less stress.

The trend is showing no signs of immediate relief. Facilities must find new ways to streamline, simplify, and delegate wherever possible. From the beginning, SafeDose has been in the business of helping problem-solve. We continue to work with facilities to pioneer solutions that work for everyone. For the individuals needing care as well as the ones who give that care. It’s one more way we care for those who care for others.


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