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Available 24/7 to any web device, this course provides an efficient, convenient, safe and effective way to train caregivers assisting with medication administration.

Presenting The SafeDose Pharmacy Medication Assistance Training Program

Assisting with the proper administration of medications is a very important part of the caring for patients living in community living facilities.

Supported Community Living Facilities must ensure that each caregiver has the necessary (32 hr) training to do so and can perform each task acceptably.

And now for the first time this training is available completely online!

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The SafeDose Pharmacy Medication Assistance Training Program is designed to prepare caregivers working in Supported Community Living Facilities to perform their duties and responsibilities effectively. Assisting with the proper administration of medications is very important in helping the clients/individuals of the facility to control illnesses and to feel better.

It is necessary that these Supported Community Living Facilities ensure that each caregiver completes this training and performs each task acceptably. The program’s content is divided into 42 Tasks which are logically grouped into 5 Duty Areas. The tasks have been validated by practitioners as representing knowledge, skills, or attitudes needed for successful employment as a medication assisting caregiver.

28  Engaging Presentations

Narrated presentations with engaging visuals teach key concepts as user follows-along with downloaded user guide.

23 Video Demonstrations

High definition videos demonstrate critical procedures, including current topics such as PPE usage.

Multiple Choice Quizzes

Multiple choice quizzes verify learning before student advances to next section.

Real Time Reporting

Real-time reporting tracks student progress and performance- providing facility administrators peace-of-mind.

And much, much more.

The SafeDose Prescription for Success

The SafeDose Prescription for Success is built upon a masterful marriage of world-class customer service, leading-edge technology, and a proven six-step process for delivery. This marriage provides the cost-effectiveness, pinpoint-accuracy, and flexibility that gives you the peace-of-mind you need to focus on caring for your patients.

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