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  • Customer Service & Accuracy

    Highest accuracy rate in the industry - 99.97% over the past 4 years

  • Exceptional Technology

    State-of-the-art dispencing and verification equipment

  • Cost Savings & Liability Reduction


We are a highly accurate at 99.97% and technologically advanced institutional pharmacy, bringing unprecedented ‘State of the Art’ Medication Management to your IDD/ICF facility.


Highest accuracy rate in the industry — 99.97% over the past 4 years

A licensed Pharmacy technician dedicated to your account

  • Get to know your people, policies, practices and patients
  • Contact payers and prescribers on your behalf
  • Resolve formulary and prior authorizations issues before packaging
  • Efficient and timely resolution of any and all issues
  • Continuous surveillance for dangerous drug interactions


State-of-the-art dispensing and verification equipment

SafeDose makes the complex simple.

OneView — our FREE online communication portal

  • Real time access to all your patient data, 24/7 from any device
  • Print updated MARs at your facility
  • Full integration into SafeDose database - you see what we see = OneView
  • HIPAA compliant, secure communication channel direct to pharmacy


  • Most robust eMAR on the market
  • Tracks med pass with error correcting capability
  • Real time access from any device
  • Simple integrated extension of OneView

Cost Savings & Liability Reduction

Cost Savings & Liability Reduction

Cost Savings & Liability Reduction

SafeDose Pharmacy
— a complete all-in-one system

Compliance packaging reduces pass times 5 minutes
per dosage event

  • All dosage events created and verified at the pharmacy
  • All ordering and billing is administered by SafeDose

All patient data available instantly to staff 24/7 on OneView

  • Data is always current and instantly available
  • Updated MARs and other reports can be printed locally

Facility liability is significantly reduced

  • Approximately 2% of new patients we enroll have dangerous drug interactions
  • We contact prescribers immediately to eliminate these issues
  • Results in healthier patients and significant liability reduction to the facility
  • Highly accurate (99.97%) packaging eliminates administration errors
  • OneView and FlexMAR further enhance administration accuracy

SafeDose Pharmacy provides fast, cost-effective medication turnaround times and a single point of contact for your facility.

Your dedicated technician gets to know your patients, policies and procedures, and will work closely with you, your administration, doctors and insurance/prior authorization issues, to get every detail right.

Your patient’s medications are safe and accurate.

SafeDose Pharmacy Compliance Medication Packs

Each Medication Packet contains the following information:

  • Name of patient
  • Date the dose is to be taken
  • Time the dose is to be taken
  • Name of each medication in the dose
  • The quantity of each medication
  • The description of each medication

We also provide:

  • Injectables
  • OTC medications at a discount
  • Blister Cards
  • Creams & Ointments



SafeDose Pharmacy compliance packaging has decreased our medication errors and has been a big time saver for staff. I have a specific contact person who has intimate knowledge of the needs of my facility and goes out of their way to see that all our needs are met in a timely manner. Medication deliveries are timely and SafeDose is very quick to respond in an emergency situation. They are willing to problem solve and adjust services to cater to the needs of our facility.

I am very happy to recommend the services of SafeDose Pharmacy.

- Hope B, Program Nurse, Crossroads Treatment Center

SafeDose has been our pharmacy for the past 10 years. We have four facilities and have had other pharmacies offer to provide services, but none of them could promise us the services that SafeDose provides. Anytime I call they are courteous and professional and help resolve any issues promptly and accurately.

My staff loves the compliance packaging, it makes med passes mistake proof. Any med changes that are needed, SafeDose acts immediately to make certain the changes are implemented in a timely manner. I love the courteous staff at SafeDose, anytime I call, I am greeted with a friendly voice from the receptionist, pharmacist, billing rep or customer service rep all contribute to resolve any issue.

I would highly recommend SafeDose Pharmacy and staff.

- Susan A, Senior Administrator, Lilac View

SafeDose has been wonderful to work with. Unlike many other pharmacies, I have a single contact that I work with, which makes things so much easier. They have always gone above and beyond when there are insurance issues to help us get the medication in a timely manner and resolve billing issues. What really sells me on their service isn’t just what they do for us, but how personable they are. They have taken the time to get to know myself and our children at the facility. They take the time to ask how things are going and if I need anything. That is what means the most to us at St. Joseph Children’s Home. They really care about the kids; it’s not just about the medications.

- Tonia M, LPN, St. Joseph Children’s Home

We operate a number of adult foster care homes where we distribute medications to our residents. Based on our tracking, we identified several issues that were causing medication errors as well as consuming large amounts of time when passing. During our assessment of these issues, SafeDose had reached out to one of our homes who put them in contact with our administrative office.

SafeDoes spent time with us, through several meetings and demonstrations, and had a solution that helped to increase efficiencies and reduce medication errors. We came to an agreement and started transitioning our homes. SafeDose was there every step of the way and helped us to come up with and implement solutions. With SafeDoes implemented, we saw a 76% reduction in medication errors and continue to refine our process with the assistance of their professional and friendly customer service.

- Jory Harland CEO, Community Home & Health Services