Taking Inventory

Your State of Self-Care

SafeDose has the privilege of working with great caregivers. But caregivers often pour out more than gets poured back into them. And their chosen field is often filled with trauma, employee shortages, and long hours.

As a caregiver, is self-care on your radar? Many enter the helping professions because they have a natural inclination to care for others. Over the long haul, though, burn-out can become a reality. Unless caregivers learn to focus on ways to pour back into themselves, they will only last so long. 

We’d like to encourage you to take a few minutes to briefly assess your current self-care. Click here for a printable assessment from Brown University.

It’s divided into 4 main categories: Physical, Psychological, Emotional, and Spiritual. In each, you can discover ways you may already be practicing self-care. Or, consider some new steps you can commit to. SafeDose will be following up with short articles in each of these areas. 

If you’ve put it off, don’t wait any longer. No one plans on having burnout! It might be helpful to start a discussion about it with a trusted colleague. 

We hope this helps you start pouring back into you today!


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