Happy National Pharmacist Day

SafeDose Celebrates Jan 12th

Pharmacies hearken all the way back to 754 AD when the first ones appeared in Baghdad. (It’s not likely that they had a trot-up, camel window.)

Today, two-thirds of all U.S. adults take some kind of prescription medicine. Pharmacists play a major role in our health and longevity. And on January 12th, we take time to celebrate them! The International Pharmaceutical Federation created this holiday in 2009. 

This profession now employs more than 300,000, and it continues to rise. As we’ve experienced a shortage of physicians, the role of the pharmacist keeps expanding. They often serve as a bridge between doctor and patient. Our recent, worldwide pandemic reminded us all what a vital part they play in our lives. 

Pharmacists are responsible, among other things, to understand and advise on:
– use of over-the-counter and prescription meds
– their side effects
– interactions between drugs- nutrition
– smoking cessation 
– diabetes management

At SafeDose, we’re so proud of our pharmacists. They’re a vital part of how we help care, not only for individuals but for facilities and caregivers along the way. 

So take the time today to find a pharmacist you know, and tell them “Thank You!”


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