The SafeDose Prescription for Success

Customer Service That Gives Peace of Mind

Besides proven accuracy, the main reason clients stick with SafeDose is customer service. For over 20 years, we’ve made our facilities and caregivers the priority. SafeDose arranges our systems and workflow to make sure each client gets the care and attention they need.

From the beginning, we assign a dedicated technician to each account. This ensures that your staff speaks to the same person each time they call. A person who is already familiar with your account and its unique needs.

And calls are answered 24/7. If it’s after pharmacy hours, an on-call pharmacy service center assists. A center staffed by a licensed pharmacist who has access to all patient info. So the pharmacist can prescribe meds for immediate fulfillment.

SafeDose also provides printed MARs and Physician Orders monthly. And we’ve worked with dozens of eMARs providers. So, we can likely work with your existing eMAR service or make a recommendation for one that fits you best.

And this is why, after all these years, we continue to hear comments like these:

”With SafeDose, I am no longer ignored…They’re consistently kind and never sound rude or frustrated. We have found a true treasure with this pharmacy.”  – LPN at an IDD Group Home Facility in Ohio

That’s what we love to hear!


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