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Caveats to Maintain Your Cheer

Whether you love or hate the holidays, there’s a LOT going on. SafeDose would like to offer a few tips for your mental health this month:

1. Don’t Toss Out Your Routine Altogether
Hopefully, you’ve settled into some patterns of work/play/rest that make sense for you. If you say bye-bye to all those for weeks at a time, it won’t be good. Keep doing at least some of the things that are life-giving for you. Is it walking? Other exercise? Reading? Artistic Expression? (yes, those coloring books for adults count)

2. Know Your Priority People and Put Them First
Many will be clamoring for your time and energy. If you don’t decide up-front who your priorities are, you’ll likely give away too much of yourself to others. Then, the ones you really wanted to spend time with won’t get your attention. In January, when you look back on this season – who will you have wanted to spend valuable time with? 

3. “No” is Your Friend
The only way to keep certain people prioritized may be to tell others “no.” Plus, if your candle gets burned at both ends, there will soon be no candle left! Saying “no” to others (and in some ways yourself) is the only way to maintain your cheer. So when it comes to certain expenditures of time/money/calories, be sure you’ve got your “no” handy!


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