January 17

SafeDose: A Brief History

How It All Began

Ron Kutrieb was in the real estate world. He had served as a VP in mall development and then as the CEO of a real estate investment trust. At his heart, though, he was an entrepreneur. And in the late 90s, while coordinating a deal for a multi-location care facility, he saw a need. A need for improved medication delivery and fulfillment to the sites. He rightly guessed that this need existed throughout the industry.

So in 1999, SafeDose was born! Ron wanted to take best practices from the retail world and combine them with those of institutional pharmacies. He and his team began to create a new model tailored to the underserved IDD market. One that brought leading-edge technologies together with one on one customer service. SafeDose began to serve IDD and other extended-care communities with Compliance Packaging and “Care for You Service.”

Today, Ron still serves as the President & CEO of SafeDose. And he’s still surrounded by a great team from both the business and pharmacy world. SafeDose continues to look for ways to provide the best solutions for its facilities. And care for the caregivers who give themselves every day to these individuals.


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