Retail vs LTC Pharmacies

What’s the Difference?

For many of us, a “pharmacy” is a place where we can pick up antibiotics, Band-Aids, and high-priced potato chips. But SafeDose is a “Long Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy.” These types of pharmacies serve 2 million Americans.

So how do they differ from the Retail Pharmacy that most of us know?

Retail Pharmacies are open to the public and keep business hours. LTC Pharmacies focus on individuals with chronic ailments who rely on long-term medications. And they are open 24/7/365.

You drive to Retail Pharmacies where they fill your medications on demand. But LTC Pharmacies are set up for individuals with mobility issues. So they offer various methods of delivery.

Retail Pharmacies are for occasional needs. But LTC Pharmacies are built for long-term relationships which take care of an individual’s holistic needs.

LTC Pharmacies come under more stringent regulatory requirements. Because the population they dispense to needs meds over a long period of time, they are subject to more detailed regulations.

Retail Pharmacies often deal with the end user of medication. But LTC Pharmacies interface with facilities and caregivers dispensing medications to the individual.

That’s why LTC Pharmacies are better suited to long-term care facilities, skilled nursing centers, and senior homes.


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