National Seasonal Depression Awareness Month

SafeDose Recognizes Vital Caregivers

For many, holidays are a favorite time of year. But it’s no surprise December is also National Seasonal Depression Month. SafeDose knows many caregivers are serving individuals facing seasonal depression.

SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Symptoms include uncharacteristic low energy, lack of interest in activities once enjoyed, and feelings of hopelessness. Johns Hopkins tells us 10–20% of the population suffers from SAD which presents in the winter. Lack of sunlight causes the body to underproduce serotonin and overproduce melatonin. This can cause people to feel low.

Many can also feel isolated at the holidays. Past trauma or present family difficulties add to the depressive state. Many individuals receiving care find themselves alone all December. So caregivers play a critical role!

Aside from being a caring presence, there are a few other ways caregivers can help. Individuals need proper sleep, nutrition, and regular physical activity. And spending time in the sun! Even 15 minutes a day positioned by a window can make a difference.

And of course – consult a doctor to see if meds or psychotherapy could help.

Be on the lookout for signs of SAD in yourself and others this month.

We’re so grateful for caregivers who might be the only caring presence that some individuals have during the holidays!


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