The SafeDose Prescription for Success


SafeDose Pharmacy uses some of the best technology available today. It’s part of what allows us to give clients both flexibility and accuracy.

Medications travel through our entire Compliance Packaging process without any human contact. And the medications supplied in our Compliance Packaging don’t need your staff to touch them either. This is especially critical in today’s era of COVID.

Our machine verifies each medication in Compliance Packages according to weight, size, and color. And as packages pass through, photos are also logged of each – to document what was inside as it left the pharmacy. There’s a reason we have an unprecedented 99.97% dispensing accuracy!

And our technology also allows us to work with several eMAR solutions. So we can work with your current provider or make a recommendation. If you’re interested, reach out to our staff to see if we can integrate your eMAR with our pharmacy software. And if you’re totally new to eMAR, we can help you find a great fit.

Our tech is just one of the tools that help us to provide for those who are providing so well for others.

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