Is Your eMAR a Square Peg?

Finding the Right Fit for IDD

The entire medical industry is moving away from paper MARs.  The future is Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMARs). They provide caregivers with greater speed and accuracy.  And generate dynamic data that adjusts in real time. After the initial set-up, facilities are also finding cost savings.

But there are so many options available. Not all eMARs are the best fit for the IDD community. What works for assisted living or senior care might not work best for IDD. SafeDose has over 20 years of experience – with a focus on IDD. And we’ve worked with dozens of eMAR providers. So we understand which eMAR solutions best serve that population.

If you work with IDD, here are some questions to ask about your current eMAR:

– Does it help you stay on track with the regulatory requirements specific to IDD?

– Does it provide reminders to staff (texts/emails) regarding medications to be passed?

– Does it allow you to keep a holistic picture of individuals with additional items like diet?

– Does it track and organize data so your team is sufficiently audit-ready at any time?

You work with a unique population, so you need a unique type of eMAR solution. SafeDose is here to provide advice and recommendations as you seek out the right fit for your team.

Contact us today – we’d love to help!


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