The SafeDose “Digitized Trail”

Our 6-Step Medication Verification Process

There’s a reason SafeDose has had a 99.97% accuracy rate over the past six years. Our verification process employs the latest technology and rigorous quality control steps. No other pharmacy in the industry uses this same model. We call it the “Digitized Trail.”

This “trail” is our means to check, re-check, and document each individual medication. And our technology eliminates the possibility of human error because of combining and sorting. That’s how an IDD Facility in Michigan took their overall administrative errors from 63 per quarter to 15 per quarter after most of their homes had transitioned to SafeDose. 

Here’s each step of the “Digitized Trail”: 

1.  Once facilities have connected with using SafeDose, the scripts needed are sent to the floor where a pharmacist verifies for accuracy. The pharmacist produces a “fill list” and sends it back to the caregiver/facility for approval. 

2.  After approval, SafeDose handles pre-billing to resolve any payment concerns upfront. This mitigates denial risk and makes the entire process run more smoothly for our facilities.

3.  Next, our equipment sorts and packages each dosing event needed.  The correct medications are dispensed directly into the machine so the meds themselves never touch human hands. Meds are packaged and labeled with compliance strips according to the validated fill list — producing a month’s worth in sequential order. They are also synced for multiple individuals for the caregiver’s ease and workflow. 

4.  All dosing events are then fed into the “InspectRx.” This machine scans, weighs, and photographs each — flagging any potential issues for review. (For example, if a pill broke in half and ended up packaged in a dosing event, its weight would flag as anomalous.)  Each flagged event is digitally recorded and reviewed by a pharmacist.

5.  If the pharmacist determines that any of the flagged “InspectRx” events are actual errors, a pharmacy tech corrects them. They are then passed back to a pharmacist for a second review.

6.  As a final step, a shipping tech compares all dispensed medications to the original order before sending out. 

Caregivers receive a month’s worth of meds at a time. Each dosing event is individually packaged. And each package is sorted in sequential order and labeled with a compliance strip.

This process also allows SafeDose to provide printed MARs and Physician Orders monthly. And our online digital media service gives caregivers and administrators 24/7 access to all individual information. Caregivers can print updated MARs at their facility at any time at no additional charge. 

We have tested and proven that our entire “Digitized Trail” process gives our caregivers peace of mind and efficiency of practice. And we take all these rigorous steps because it matters to us, it matters to our caregivers, but most importantly, it matters to your individuals.  

It’s all one more way we care for you so that you can care for them. 


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